Moist Bar & Miracle Soap
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Moist Bar & Miracle Soap

This a smaller kit for all those individuals that want to try before you buy. It does exactly what it says on the pack and more...

This kit includes:

1x Hemp Moist Bar
1x Miracle Soap

Moist Bar

Can be used as an ointment for rashes, cuts and bruises. Also as a moisturiser / 
cleanser for face, body, hands feet and hair. The Moist Bar helps with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. A great hand cream for gardeners, nurses etc.

How to use: Always use with lots of water to activate the oils! As Soap – massage in light circular motions, rinse & pat dry. As a Hair Conditioner – rub in hair ends with water. Put a shower cap on and relax for 2 hours. Shampoo off.

Moist Bar

Miracle Soap

Created using a base of milled natural glycerine and olive soaps with all the nasties taken out. To this base is added Yoli’s special formula of over 800 solar-energised plants and roots, along with moisturising hemp oil.

How to use – face or body Always use with lots of water to activate the oils! Massage in light circular motions, rinse & pat dry.
Miracle Soap

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