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Hemp Health & Beauty Products
By Yolanda

Relief from all pain, skin problems, 
Eczema, bronchial problem, wrinkles etc


Welcome to Yoli’s world of hemp oil based products. YAH! An Innovative Health and Beauty Care Company Based in Brighton East Sussex, originating in Canada.

YAH Started in the late seventies marketing Dead Sea products travelling the world visiting spas, medicine men and women of the rain forests, sailing the world looking for the fountain of youth. Yoli’s amazing hemp is dedicated to producing inside out healing products that transform people’s lives.

Mixing Spirituality With Science YAH is committed to bringing Bio Dynamic authentic 100% organic products, grown with consciousness of the meta physical and science into the main stream, by promoting greater awareness to the healing benefits of ancient folk medicine with a metaphysical combined connection.  They are lovingly hand crafted. Yoli’s products are about consciousness energy from the seed to the soil to the customer.

Yoli’s products are free of all additives, preservatives, chemicals and dyes. They are lovingly hand-crafted using only the freshest and finest wild-crated traditional herbs and plants, gathered from their natural wild habitat and processed on site. 

Relief from all pain, skin problems, 
Eczema, bronchial problems etc

Total Longevity Programme

Anti Radiation
Anti Mutation
Gravity Defying
Anti Fungal
Anti Tumour
Anti Bacterial


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Healed Hands
Beat the march of time with Yoli’s Anti-Aging Kit! As this picture shows that it actually works. Always a best-seller, it contains the gravity defying products that you’ve been searching for and won’t want to do without!